Ley Lines

by Eddie Atom

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Movement is a fundamental theme to the character and essence of Eddie Atom. A 26 year-old Southland nomad who refreshingly acknowledges the stereotype by simply dissolving it through his often frenetic and shapeshifting music. Atom’s newest effort is an 11 track sundry of psychedelia, jazz, hip-hop, dance, and about every experimental gadget to spur listener engagement. “I might have a touch of ADHD, or something” said Atom when asked about these frequent transients, “but I prefer to think that the energy shifts are integral to the big picture.”

To get an idea of this bigger picture, you don’t need to look any further than the title on the cover, Ley Lines. A phrase coined by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins in 1921, Ley Lines is the idea that a number of random point distributions of geographical and historical interest were not too accidental, but rather mapped out thousands of years ago. In the century since Watkins claim, the concept has been applied to the study of neolithic landforms in Britain, likened to the Chinese art of feng shui, and spiritually sketched into efforts such as Atom’s sparkling life map. From the 808 sounds of frank effort “I Am Where”, to the complex rhythms of “Africa Calling”, Atom is able to guide his listener through his wayward universe of taste and emotion. Japanese hip-hop, jazz guitar, acid house, each a clear testimony to Atom’s ear as a listener and producer.

True to his character, Atom’s music also possesses moments of humor and humility. The PC Music, hyperactive IDM spurts of “Poppy Hill” add a colorful and whimsical dimension to 2013’s predominately dark Two Realms, while simultaneously jabbing at the idea of “serious musicians” (see: Whiplash). Coming from a professional pedigree, Atom concedes the sentiment with a smirk and affable air. “I don’t view myself as just one type of musician, or one type of person. I won’t settle for being monolithic,” adding that this is the first album in his tiny discogs that is fully Eddie Atom.


released September 22, 2015

Eddie Perez, Jin, Erica Rey



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Noise Revolt Los Angeles, California

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